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Welcome to the ESB 2009 Workshop "Movement Biomechanics and Sport" !

In many industrialized countries, musculoskeletal conditions have become a national priority in recognition of the major health and economic burdens, they place on the community. While bone and cartilage have been at the center of these developments in recent years and in previous ESB workshops, the other tissues in the musculoskeletal system have received less attention from a public health point of view. However, during any type of movement, especially during sport, soft tissues within the human body are loaded too. An immediate response to such loading can be stimulation, pain or injury and long-term physiological processes can include mechanical adaptation.

The organizing committee is looking forward to a stimulating workshop in 2009 with challenging topics and interesting discussions.

Science City Hoenggerberg

Yours Sincerely,
Jachen Denoth
Ralph Müller
Chairmen, ESB 2009 Workshop


The workshop has four sessions, each focusing on the short and long-term behavior of soft tissues under load. After an introductory session on the first half day, sessions on the material response, the response of the system and the system adaptation will follow.

The program will combine a mixture of tutorials and state-of-the-art reviews given by leading researchers. Multiscale modeling is thought to be the line of thinking. The invited tutorial speakers are encouraged to make an effort to combine scales from micro to macro or vice versa.

Lecture Hall

Students will further have the opportunity to present their work in parallel sessions and a plenary poster session. Furthermore, special informal mentoring sessions will be held after the sessions allowing students to seek advice from the leading researchers in their area of study. Awards for the best student presentation and poster will be given at the closing ceremony.


The European Society of Biomechanics (ESB, was founded in 1976 in a meeting in Brussels with 20 scientists from 11 countries. It is now the largest Biomechanics society in Europe with almost 500 members.

The primary goal of the ESB is to encourage, foster, promote and develop research, progress and information concerning the science of Biomechanics.





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